Technical / Custom made products

Active member in the development of standards of tubes, we help you in the best choice of the standard (EN, NF, ...), the grade and the statement of the product corresponding to your use.

Based on our big experience in cold forming we help you in the design and production of your special products by studying their feasibility and looking for the most appropriate solutions at the lowest cost.

End finishing- Added value

To meet your needs we have many machines but have also developed a network of approved subcontractors, capable of performing heat, chemical, paint, machining, cutting, cutting, drilling, bending ... These solutions allow you to receive a product ready for use according to your specifications.

To each project its solution "ready to use"

Based on our great experience in tube work, we offer solutions "ready to use". Whether it is deformation, cutting, machining, processing or control, our technical teams help you from design to production of your tubular pieces.